Sizzle all summer long in the latest summer fashions from! From dresses and tops to shoes and purses, we have the summer looks you crave.

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These summer fashion tips guarantee you'll be cool, comfortable, and stylish all season long.
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You can make a sketch of different articles of clothing, such as shirt, pants, socks. You hang a clothesline up with 26 clothes pins. Have the child cut out the sketches and write a letter of the alphabet on each one. Then find pictures of things that start with that letter and glue to clothes and hang them on the line.

The Shoe Game All children sit in a circle and take off one shoe. Children hide their eyes as the teacher hides all the shoes. When all the shoes have been found, teacher asks a child whose shoe he found. Child looks around the circle to determine who is wearing a shoe that matches the one he found. When he finds the owner, he returns the shoe, and that child now must find the owner of the shoe she has found. This activity leads to lots of conversation regarding sorting, matching.

Washing Clothes Have water in your sand and water table have children wash clothes. Chores You could make various styles of clothing out of construction paper and put a pocket on each one of them.

Write individual household chores age appropriate on individual pieces of paper, mix them up and put into a pocket.

Hang them up with miniature clothespins on a string in your home where you have room for this. Then have the child pick a chore from the pocket. Dramatic Dress-Up Put lots of different dress up clothes in the dramatic play area like dresses, suits, uniforms, Etc and allow the kids to play dress up with the clothes. Sorting Clothing by Seasons Bring a suite case full of all sorts of different clothes. Pack swimsuits and winter coats, mittens, boats, shorts, t-shirts, rain coats, umbrella, Etc.

Then discuss the weather out side. The time of the year, winter, fall, spring or summer. Begin pulling out the clothes and have the children tell you what time of year they belong in. Put up 4 trees, representing the four seasons. Put a basket under each tree then as you pull out the clothes and discuss what season they belong with, the children take turns putting them in the correct baskets. Matching Game Gather clothing items from home. Here is an example: Take your cute floral top and casual denim shorts and pair them with Fall's black cardigan and ballerina flats.

And throw in a pair of black tights when it gets chilly outside. Even some "fancy" styles such as floral and ethnic prints can be multiplied in outfits by wearing them as the focal point along with lots of Fall basics. Know how you want to update your wardrobe by creating a Wardrobe Plan Secure the clothes in your best neutrals black, brown, beige, white, greys, etc. To save money, focus on adding color and trendy details as accents to the neutrals.

On the flip side, don't be afraid to buy clothes in bright and a tad difficult to mix and match color. As long as you know that the colors that can be recycled next summer. A colorful floral dress has all the bells and whistles for summer, and can also be worn next season. Examples are denim shorts, jackets and leather purses. Now let's get ready to prep up your closet for happier days!

The point is not to buy everything on the list, but rather pinpoint the pieces that never go out of style and give you ideas on how to build your wardrobe for the season.

They're also items you can splurge on without feeling guilty! Clothes You can never go wrong with: Accessories Budget-proof your closet with: Fabrics and Textures "Lighten up" your outfit with: White lace Linen Styling tip: Prints Your wardrobe needs a little bit of interest with: Colors Inject some color fever with: Wear these as accents to a neutral outfit, select a bright color to create your outfit's focal point, or simply wear them monochromatically eg.

However if you're cool-toned Winter , Summer a little bit of tan or bronzed face will help your sunkissed coloring adjust to the warm color. They won't look fantastic you like on Autumns and Springs , but they look better with a bit of tan than no tan at all.

4 Smart Tips to Improve Your Summer Style

ELLE's fashion experts have rounded up the top must-have fashion trends for summer. Sizzle all summer long in the latest summer fashions from! From dresses and tops to shoes and purses, we have the summer looks you crave. The latest summer fashion trends for women in