H&M Job Application Online. The company was founded by Erling Persson with the first store being opened in in Sweden. The founder was driven by the idea of providing fashionable and stylish clothing to the public at affordable prices.

Quality because the customers are expecting to be getting only the best clothes from the brand they have known for years. The company is transitioning into the e-commerce market although they still plan to increase the number of their stores.

H&M Facts. Standing out as the second largest global clothing retailer, H&M, well known all over the world by its fast-fashion clothing covering for all ages, has achieved an unprecedented success by rendering design, quality and sustainability as the core ones when talking about its business concepts.
H&M Application & Careers H&M Company is a well-known clothing retailer with stores that operate all around the world. It also has a significant online presence, and the company was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in
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Methods to Apply: Interested applicants can apply to H&M by filling out and submitting an online application. Searching for an Open Position To find an open position at H&M, you will need to first search for a position.
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H&M Employment Opportunities – Overview

Start your search for H&M jobs today with Snagajob. We're your source for hourly H&M employment opportunities. Employers are hiring right now. Let's get started!

Unlike other fashion houses it offers great clothing articles at reasonable prices. This Swedish multinational retail-clothing company has won the hearts of thousands of women, children, teenagers and men who have a good sense of fashion. At the moment, the company owns stores in 53 countries which it operates with the help of If you are thinking of applying for a job with the company you should learn a little bit more about the H and M history.

Did you know that the first store was launched in in Vasteras, Sweden? By the end of , the company was already operating 2. As you would expect from a respectable fashion brand, everything is controlled by the main offices. The Sweden offices foresee production, merchandising and the design process. It will only give the green light to clothing articles that live-up to quality standard.

Production for the company is ensured by over factories from Asia and Europe. What makes you stand out in retail? Are you good with people and with displaying clothing so that people will be interesting in buying it? Fashion enthusiasts are usually very excited about starting out their career in the fashion industry with such a prestigious company. Because the company has so many stores available around the world, you can take advantage of countless of employment opportunities that will help you make your retailing career blossom.

This is a good first job for people who want to really learn the ropes of retail and get their feet wet in fashion as well. You will want to be as clear and direct as you can on the application so that you can stand out from others. While it may be true that applying online is more convenient, some job openings displayed online are no longer available and they may end up confusing and wasting your precious time.

This is only one of the things that you can show through your jobs and employment form online. As with other retail related jobs you will have to show that you are at least 18 years of age or older. When you are filling out your job application online you will give your birthday and Birth Year then when you come in for your interview you will have to show the proper identification with the same matching Birthday so they know that you are of the proper age.

Job-seekers under the age of 18 will not be considered for employment. Most of the retail stores are open during the days of Monday through Saturday from 10am in the morning to 9pm in the evening. On Sundays the store is open from 12pm Noon in the afternoon to 6pm in the evening. That means that you will be working with the people, helping them to find exactly what they are looking for. Helping them to try on clothing and also giving advice on accessories that might go with what they have picked out.

You will be folding clothes and also checking them out and working the cash register and anything else that the management team offers you to do during your shift. You will be making the minimum wage offered in your state but if you have prior experience working in retail you might be able to make a bit more money when you start working.

Even entry-level hopefuls who managed to secure a sale associate position can one day move through the ranks and even become managers. HM Career as Visual Merchandiser: To be considered for this position you must possess excellent organizational skills. Other job responsibilities include updating corporate sales materials every season and helping out customers with their purchases.

The Visual Merchandiser has more responsibilities than the entry-level sale associate, therefore, he will also receive better wage and non-wage perks.

If you want to start a HM career as visual merchandiser you must hold a high-school diploma and proof of at least two years of retail merchandising experience. College degrees are also appreciated, but not necessary.

Sales advisors must maintain excellent customer service acumen as well as answer phones courteously and promptly. Employees frequently handle garments through stocking, replenishing, folding, hanging, and displaying.

Applicants must stand over 18 years old and possess high school degrees or equivalents. Job Benefits The well-being of employees makes company success possible. Discounts stand available nationwide but vary depending on the location. Promoting healthy and happy workers, the fashion company offers generous vacation packages, company paid holidays, medical and vision insurance, dental coverage, an employee assistance program, k retirement plans, and life insurance.

More unique rewards include commuter benefits for parking, bereavement leave, paid birthdays, pet insurance, and auto insurance. Depending on hourly statuses, part-time workers may not stand eligible for specific benefits.

Furthermore, internal training allows for lateral movement and advancement opportunities. Helpful Tips for Applying Individuals benefit from taking the pre-employment quiz to learn more about fitting into company culture. Applicants should read the job description carefully to make sure personal qualifications align as well as research corporate facts. Many positions require evening and weekend shifts therefore it is imperative that the interviewer know how you would accommodate varying schedules and work weeks.

Do you have any questions for us? Many at times recruiters want to know if there is any query or confusion in the mind of the candidate with regard to the opening or the company. Be sure to ask questions that reflect your enthusiasm and zeal to join and grow with the company. Before applying for a position be sure that the job you are applying for is really what you want to do. Check all education and skills requirements for the job and make sure your resume is up to date to reflect all relevant past qualifications and experience.

Take time to review your online application before submitting or sending in the printable application form. As a company that claims to offer stylish clothing to customers, it is only essential that employees reflect their style commitment through their attire.

Dress as per your style without appearing artificial or made up. Being dressed in something that suits your style is most likely to help in boosting your confidence on the big day. Give yourself adequate time to arrive at the interview location on time. If possible see where you have to go a few days before to be prepared on how long it takes factoring in any unforeseen roadblocks or traffic jams due to adverse weather conditions or accidents.

Last but not least be sure to be confident and answer questions that you are asked to without rambling on about irrelevant things. Look interested in the job and the company. Give it your best and no matter what the final outcome be sure to take away something positive from the applications you put in and the overall experience. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

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Employment Opportunities at H&M

H&M uses cookies to give you the best possible experience when visiting our website. By continuing to use our services we assume that you accept our use of cookies. Read more about cookies. H&M is one of the leaders in clothing retail stores around the country. If you think you are a good fit for such a job you can fill out an H&M job application and test your proficiency in retail clothing store know how against others who are going for the same position. H&M Application Online: Jobs & Career Info Cultivating an individualistic and contemporary image, H&M stocks products for men, women, and children as well as designer housewares. The fashion retailer runs over 3, stores in locations all around the world from headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.