Sheer, oil-free sunscreen spray for body. What It Does Lightweight, oil-free Virtu-Oil sunscreen formula sprays on easily, absorbs quickly. Delivers high-level UVA/UVB protection, plus a pleasant cooling sensation on application. Leaves no sticky or greasy after-feel. Non-acnegenic, too. Convenient spray makes full-body application quick and easy.

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Jan 17,  · The Bath and Body Works fine fragrance mists are $ full price, but you can often use coupons or take advantage of the buy 3 get 3 free sales to save money on them.
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These Body Mists contain pure Aloe Vera juice which has soothing and moisture retaining properties. Wheat Germ improves blood circulation, repairs damaged skin cells, soothes and softens the skin. Glycerin is a natural humectant; moisturizes, prevents moisture loss and is softening.
Luxury Body Mist Crafter’s Choice Luxury Body Mists are used in body sprays, hair treatments, and room sprays. Just add fragrance oil or essential oil to customize your product.
The perfume is more concentrated than the body mist. The perfume scent will last longer. Honestly I think it's a ploy to make you pay more money.

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A body mist, which is also known as a body splash or body spray, is a lot like a perfume. But, unlike perfumes they do not contain that high a percentage of fragrant oils. A body splash is a much milder version of a perfume.

These pleasant scents help mask the odor and keep us smelling and feeling fresh all day long. But, with the different types of scents available in the market it's easy to get confused about which one is the one you need.

That is why we have this article to tell you the differences between perfumes, deodorants and body mists - the three basic kinds of scents available in the market.

Perfumes are fragrant liquids made out of a mixture of aromatic scents and oils and alcohol components. These scents and oils are extracted from flowers, herbs, spices etc. Perfumes tend to last longer than a deodorant or body mist. It also costs more per bottle because of its concentrated formula and lasting qualities. A perfume is meant to be applied on the clothes and in some parts of the body like the wrists, behind the ears and neck. It is used sparingly and is not meant to be sprayed all over the body.

A body mist, which is also known as a body splash or body spray, is a lot like a perfume. But, unlike perfumes they do not contain that high a percentage of fragrant oils. A body splash is a much milder version of a perfume. As such, it is sprayed on the skin directly rather than on your clothes. Get rewarded for looking your best. Join our loyalty program and enjoy inside access to smart beauty perks.

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Discover our world of allergy-tested fragrances. An instant and long-lasting moisture boost. Also recently [ when? There have been different Impulse body spray ranges too, such as the Impulse Shakers range.

This range was designed for summer and had slightly different style to normal impulse sprays, as it had a small "ball" inside the can for "shaking" the ingredients up together before spraying. Another interesting branch out for Impulse was the "water resistant" formula Summer Splash. In Australia the fragrances varied slightly in name. Two of these odd year old fragrances are still available in Australia today: Merely Musk and Incense. In the summer of , the Spice Girls became spokesmodels for the Impulse body sprays edition known as "Impulse Spice", while on tour promoting their two albums, Spice and Spiceworld.

Impulse's advert Chance Encounter was the first mainstream television advert in Britain and Ireland to feature a gay couple. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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